Our minimum loan is £50,000, our maximum loan is £500,000. Larger loan sizes may be considered depending on the specifics of the case.
Our minimum term is 1 month our maximum term is 18 months.
Yes Bridging Link is the lender.
There are two types of costs you need to consider. Interest and Fees.
Our Interest rates range between 0.65% pcm and 1% pcm, depending on loan size and risk profile. Most often all interest costs are 'retained', and paid up front.
There are 3 types of fees for three essential services that we need to complete your loan. Arrangement fees, legal fees and valuation fees. The costs vary on depending on loan size and complexity of case. All costs will be quoted up front.
All fees can be paid up front or added to the loan.
We accept security on marketable land and buildings.
We can lend a first or second charge on a main residential property and we can lend against an investment property (first or second charge). We can lend to corporate entities for any purpose, secured against property under a fixed charge or a third party charge, and with additional personal guarantees and a debenture over the company’s assets.
We do not usually lend on property that is 100% commercial.
An exit route is very important, as it is your statement on how you intend to pay the loan back within the period we have agreed. A credible exit plan is a pre-requisite for any funding approval and must be carefully considered.
Yes, we do. We make quick commercial decisions and will consider all circumstances based on security.
Not necessarily. It will depend on the particular loan requirements / circumstances.
Yes if it is a UK company, but we will require personal guarantees from all directors.
Yes, but only with appropriate guarantees in place.
Yes you can, subject to a minimum 1 month interest period.
Not necessarily. It will depend on the particular loan requirements / circumstances.
Yes, if you do not repay the loan, ultimately if no other reasonable option can be taken to repay the loan your security is at risk.
We are open from 8am-7pm Monday to Friday.